Introducing Portle: Redefining the Art of Creating End-User Documentation

Introducing Portle: Redefining the Art of Creating End-User Documentation

Say goodbye to the arduous task of creating documentation for your digital products. We are excited to present Portle, a tool that will transform your approach to crafting end-user documentation. Whether you’re managing a SaaS platform, API products, or licensed software, Portle is the solution that will elevate your documentation game.

Portle empowers you to create comprehensive User Guides, API references, and Changelogs with ease. Gone are the days of wrestling with complex formatting and endless hours of writing. With Portle’s intuitive block-based editor, you can structure information in a granular manner and build complex documents effortlessly.

Let’s delve into some of the key features that make Portle a game-changer in the world of documentation:

Easy Hosting: Forget about the hassle of finding a hosting solution for your documentation. Portle takes care of it for you! Your published documentation is hosted on Portle’s platform, ensuring it’s always available to your users.

Free Subdomain: Getting started with Portle is a breeze. Users can utilize a free Portle subdomain to point to their hosted docs. This means you can share your documentation with your audience right away without any additional setup.

Custom Domain Support: Portle allows you to point a custom domain to your documentation. With this feature, you can maintain a consistent brand experience and enhance your professional image.

Custom CSS: Portle’s custom CSS feature allows you to apply your own styles and branding to your documentation. Whether you want to match your company’s color scheme or create a unique visual experience, custom CSS empowers you to achieve the desired look and feel effortlessly.

Block-based Editor: At Portle, we understand the importance of a seamless writing experience. Our block-based editor enables you to effortlessly modify and format each block of your documentation. Whether it’s text, headings, images, videos, blockquotes, tables, code snippets, or lists, you have the flexibility to structure your content exactly as you envision it.

Beautiful API References: API References play a pivotal role in API adoption rates. With Portle, creating stunning API references has never been easier. Simply upload your OpenAPI Spec-based doc, and Portle will generate a visually appealing and user-friendly API reference that will captivate your audience.

No Coding Required: Portle is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to everyone. You don’t need to be an expert in coding or have a dedicated engineering team to use Portle effectively. Technical writers, product managers, and even non-technical founders can leverage this tool effortlessly. And Much More: Version control, Changelog for end users, Easy searchability

Portle is more than just a documentation tool; it’s a catalyst for empowering businesses to focus on what they do best while delivering exceptional user experiences. With Portle, you can bid farewell to the headaches of creating and maintaining your own documentation website, saving valuable time and resources.

Written by Ronil Mehta

Written by Ronil Mehta

Dec Tue 2023

| 10 mins read

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